You Were Never Really Here – Trailer

Any film directed by Lynne Ramsay is guaranteed to pique critics’ interest. The director, known for the supremely unsettling We Need to Talk About Kevin and Morvern Callar, has demonstrated her unique ability to fuse the visual and the aural in order to create and generate tension.

Her latest effort, starring Joaquin Phoenix, looks set to be similarly disquieting. Phoenix stars as Joe, a conflicted gun for hire, who readily and easily dishes out brutality with seemingly little moral qualms. His latest commission, to rescue a politician’s daughter from a sex ring. quickly descends into difficulty.

With music by Jonny Greenwood, who has garnered a fine reputation on the sparse scores that he has created for P.T. Anderson, the film presents an interesting concept. This narrative and central conceit, of a young girl rescued by a violent man, has almost become a cliché thanks to films such as Taken and Man on Fire, but Ramsay’s involvement will ensure a fresh, progressive direction.


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