Bad Moms- Trailer


You know there is something seriously wrong with Hollywood’s policy towards women when Mila Kunis, at the grand age of 32, is now considered suitable for the role of a mother. Not even a new mother, but a mother of two children of school attending age. Unfortunately, that’s not the most irritating aspect of the trailer for the film Bad Moms. 

Despite the huge success of Bridesmaids and a number of female-led television shows (Parks and Recreation and Community) it would appear that both film and television producers are only just beginning to realise that women can be just as funny as their male counter-parts. Why then, it is necessary for a female-led comedy to revolve around such a typically female sphere?

Bad Moms features Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as mothers who, cracking under the pressure of being a perfect mother, rebel and come into conflict with the fellow mothers at their local school. This film could have had some interesting things to say about the pressure that women are placed under, but by placing the blame for this pressure firmly at the feet of other women, the film simply serves to further undermine female relationships and friendships. Why must films constantly pit women against one another? I can only hope that the trailer is misleading and that the film recognises that in fact, it is the patriarchal led media that is responsible, but I think I’ll be disappointed.


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