Suffragette – trailer

It is galling that Suffragette is the first feature film to depict the early stages of the Suffrage movement, particularly so when we still live in a society that continues to place value and worth upon a woman’s appearance rather than her intellect. Not only is Suffragette the first film to focus upon this movement, but rather tellingly, it is also the first film in history to be shot in the House of Parliament, with permission granted by MPs.

Featuring a stellar cast that includes Meryl Streep (Emily Pankhurst), Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Marie Duff, Suffragette looks entirely promising. Appearing to resist the urge to gentrify the efforts and plight of the women’s movement. If Suffragette does indeed fulfill this promise, I only hope it will be widely seen. Many would have it that ‘feminism is no longer required’. I would argue, as would numerous others, that given the proliferation of everyday sexism (and the eponymous twitter account) it is more important than ever.



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