True Detective season 2 – trailer

The first series of True Detective received deserved acclaim: stunning cinematography, intelligent, often almost obtuse dialogue coupled with an unusual narrative style featuring two chronological timelines led to a deeply immersive viewing experience.

Its anthology format allows for actors who usually only act in films, allowing HBO to employ a variety of interesting actors. Season 2 of True Detective along with a new cast, features a new location, moving to California. Little is given away in the trailer, but the atmospheric music selection hints at a similar dark tone that featured in season 1.

An interesting cast list, with both Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell playing police officers: McAdams plays a County Sherriff’s detective, whilst Farrell plays a corrupt police detective. For me, the only slight weakness could be the inclusion of Vince Vaughn, playing career criminal Frank Semyon. Vaughn has, in recent years demonstrated a taste for comedy films that are ever decreasing in quality and it is his involvement in such films that does admittedly colour my view of Vaughn’s acting abilities: I hope to be proved wrong.

True Detective premiers 21st June.


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