Madame Bovary – trailer

Widely regarded by literary critics as the most perfect novel written, Flaubert’s seminal realist novel, Madame Bovary, depicts the life of Emma Bovary. A young woman, desperate to infuse her life with the romanticism that she reads of in books.

Whilst the plot itself is arguably largely simplistic, it is in the intricacies of Flaubert’s prose that Madame Bovary‘s beauty lies. It is thus, perhaps more so than any classic text, that adapters have a greater challenge when seeking to transfer Flaubert’s work to the screen.

Sophie Barthes’ second feature takes on the challenge, utilising a stellar cast that includes the sublime Mia Wasikowska as the titular Madame Bovary, Barthes’ work looks beautifully shot, featuring stunning scenery and period details. For me, the most interesting aspect of the trailer is the undeniably feminist approach to the character of Emma Bovary; the trailer features references to the conventions that constrain Emma Bovary. Wasikowska is surely perfectly cast as the naive, idealistic young woman who, in her desire to introduce the drama of her novels into her life, finds herself beset by tragedy.


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