Paper Towns – trailer

After the success of the utterly saccharine and unashamedly manipulative The Fault in Our Stars it was inevitable that screenwriters would once again turn to John Green’s back catalogue for inspiration.

The latest selection deemed ripe for screen adaptation is Green’s 2008 effort Paper Towns. Narrated by Quentin ‘Q’ (Nat Wolff), the narrative details Q’s affections for the girl next door Margo Roth Speigelman (Cara Delevingne) who he was once close to in childhood. After reuniting one night in order for Margo to exact revenge upon her now ex-boyfriend, Q discovers that Margo has disappeared. Believing that she has intentionally left a number of clues that will lead him to her whereabouts, Q becomes determined to find her.

Call me cynical, but this being based on a John Green text, I believe I’m well-placed to infer that life-affirming moments are bound to ensue against a backdrop of beautiful scenery containing beautiful people set against a chart-topping soundtrack. Needless to say, I won’t be seeking out Paper Towns. 

One comment

  1. Having read the book (and disliked it greatly) I’m right there with you on this. If the story wasn’t bad enough, the fact that the trailer is essentially a two minute compressed version, completely negates the need to go and see this film.


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