Far From the Madding Crowd – trailer

The first trailer for Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation for Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd did, for some, warrant criticism at the perceived lack of female voice; detractors noted that Carey Mulligan’s Bathsheba Everdene, aside from singing the song selected to soundtrack the trailer, was rendered voiceless.

In the newly released full length trailer, Everdene’s voice and character is the focal point of the trailer. As she announces her intention ‘to astonish you all’, it is clear that Mulligan’s incarnation is far from becoming a woman in thrall to the men around her; rather, it is the men who are in thrall to her.

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions prior, adaptations will always inevitably attract those who, with little understanding of the film medium or indeed the adaptation process, believe that in order for an adaptation to be a success, it has to include every minute detail from the source text. Clearly, I will not be reviewing Vinterberg’s film on the basis of including specific moments from Hardy’s text, but rather as a work on its own merit.


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