Knight of Cups – trailer

Terrence Malick has in recent years demonstrated an increased level in terms of film production; for now at least, the eight year hiatuses in between films appear to be over. Indeed, three film releases in four years is positively prolific for the famously reticent director. His latest effort Knight of Cups looks set to contain the typically Malickian ruminations upon the nature of man, yet its tone and editing, at least as demonstrated in the first-released trailer, seems to suggest that Malick is moving into a slightly new direction.

The trailer features fast-paced, frenzied editing and shot types, with a flurry of locations and lighting. Malick has, as especially seen in The Tree of Life, been developing and experimenting with creating the awesome on screen: see the depictions of the emergence of life in The Tree of Life for example. Whilst the shots in the trailer do not yet demonstrate ambition on the same scope, it is interesting to see the direction that Malick is taking. Certainly, the first half of this trailer could arguably belong to a film by a very different director. Despite this, Malick appears to once again focus on his great preoccuptations: the development of man from child, and the nature of love in its pureness and corruption.

Starring Christian Bale (star of earlier Malick film The New World), Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman, little is yet known of the narrative, but being a devoted admirer of Malick, I look forward to Knight of Cups with anticipation.


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