The Bling Ring – trailer

Sofia Coppola revisits her preoccupation with materialism and celebrity lifestyle with her latest directorial effort, The Bling Ring. Here, unlike her earlier protagonists who are elevated to the status of celebrity by those around them (or who, in some cases, are living the celebrity lifestyle like Johnny Marco in Somewhere), The Bling Ring focuses on a real-life group of celebrity-obsessed teenagers who broke into the homes of the rich and famous in Hollywood (victims included Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton).

Coppola certainly has her detractors, but for me, her films demonstrate a real depth to their female protagonists, women who struggle with their place in their world, women who desire to find and occupy their own private space. Many have accused Coppola’s films of saying little, of belittling those who have real problems, yet I think those critics are really rather missing the point. Coppola directs about what she knows, she demonstrates that whilst people can seemingly have everything, they can still be utterly desolate in their loneliness: indeed, loneliness is the great equaliser in Coppola’s films, everyone experiences it.

Whilst I have some trepidation with regards to the casting of Emma Watson, I have faith in Coppola’s abilities and look forward to The Bling Ring with anticipation.

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