Warm Bodies – trailer

Ever a sucker for a decent genre-subverting hybrid, Warm Bodies immediately piqued my interest: set in a world in which a proportion of the population has become infected and effectively turned into zombies, Warm Bodies details zombie R (Nicholas Hoult) and his burgeoning relationship with the uninfected Julie (Teresa Palmer).

Referencing Romeo and JulietWarm Bodies looks set to effortlessly blend several genre conventions including the teen-movie, seemingly resulting in a sharp, pithy effort from director Jonathan Levine (previously best known for the enjoyable 50/50).

Hoult has, in his supporting turns (including A Single Man and X-Men: First Class) demonstrated a capacity for intelligence and depth and I look forward to seeing what he can do given more screen-time. As ever, only time will tell if the execution is successful, but with cautious trepidation, I have high hopes for Warm Bodies: the humour looks wonderfully pitched, I only hope it resists the urge to err on the side of predictability.


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