Pitch Perfect – review

As ever, once a particular trope reaches popularity, a spate of similar-style versions are quickly released; in light of the success of Glee, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Pitch Perfect was of a familiar ilk, thankfully,Pitch Perfect is more watered-down Mean Girls than Glee club.

Achingly middle-class Beca (Anna Kendrick) is only attending College due to her father’s wishes (who in his role as Professor ensures Beca’s free education), she’d much rather be in LA, working on building her career as a producer. Beca’s father insists that she at least give further education a try before decamping for the glamour of the music-biz: reluctantly agreeing, and compelled to try and throw herself into the College lifestyle, she joins The Barden Bellas, an all-female a cappella group who after an humiliating defeat at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, are determined to rise from the ashes and succeed this time around.

Of course it’s all very predictable, complete with the usual love-interest, and numerous obstacles to overcome before success can be guaranteed. There are some truly cringe-worthy moments: in the current music climate of acts such as Girl Talk, presenting mash-ups as if they’re something entirely new is a little embarrassing. Yet a fairly witty script, along with some great performances helps Pitch Perfect to overcome its clichés. Anna Kendrick is as affable as ever, but it is Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy that truly aids Pitch Perfect’s success: Wilson has wonderful comic timing, and demonstrates real wit in her role. Certainly not as satirical as the superior Mean Girls or Election, but Pitch Perfect surpasses expectations, becoming an enjoyable diversion.



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