Beautiful Creatures – trailer

With the huge success of the Twilight series, it was inevitable that increasingly derivative films would be produced, hoping to cash in on the success of the former. Beautiful Creatures, whilst entirely different in its presentation of its female protagonist, still retains the essence of the Twilight films: coupling the supernatural with the trials of love.

Lena, (Alice Englert) born like her family as a Caster (possessed of magical powers) is, due to her family’s Dark heritage, compelled to undergo a process that will define her fate. The process, known as the Claiming, determines her devotion to the side of the light, or the side of the dark.

Whilst I am currently not particularly enamoured with Beautiful Creatures, suspecting a lack of inspiration and an inevitable conclusion coupled with melodrama, I am at least grateful for its slightly more progressive female protagonist.  Lena, despite inevitably still beholden to a male counterpart, appears to be not entirely passive: instead, the trailer depicts her attempting to battle against both the torments of her peers, as well as the determination of her fate. Whilst her love-struck, heart-wrenching relationship (and the difficulties this poses), feel both cliché-ridden and redundant in the light of the progressive Katniss Everdeen (of The Hunger Games), at least she is not rendered entirely inactive.

Regardless of the presentation of its female protagonist, Beautiful Creatures looks to be little more than over-wrought melodrama, filled with clichés: the beautiful outsider struggling against her past, the innately good love-interest, who has her best interests at heart. Perhaps I will be proved entirely wrong, but I suspect not.


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