The Place Beyond the Pines – trailer

As one of the finest contemporary actors around, any film starring Ryan Gosling immediately piques my interest (even more so after his sublime performances in Drive and Blue Valentine), and it is with interest that I view the trailer for his latest effort, The Place Beyond the Pines.

Reuniting Gosling with Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, The Place Beyond the Pines details a motorcycle stunt driver (Gosling) who considers turning to crime in order to provide for his family; this decision brings him into direct conflict with a cop-turned-politican (Bradley Cooper).

Seemingly shot in a similarly naturalistic style to Blue Valentine, Cianfrance’s latest effort has the potential to be equally devastating in its poignancy. As ever, only time will tell whether or not The Place Beyond the Pineswill deliver on its promise: but with a great cast (including Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne and Eva Mendes), and a brilliant debut behind him, I have high expectations of Cianfrance.



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