To the Wonder – trailer

Terrence Malick will always have his detractors: some will find his lingering shots of nature dull and lacking in his attempts at profundity, others will find his philosophical musings utterly inspiring and enthralling.

Falling firmly into the latter camp, the trailer for his latest film To the Wonder fills me with anticipation. The trailer, as can be expected from Malick, is stunningly shot: his trademark style, if nothing else, never fails to depict some of the most beautiful images captured on film.

As with Malick again, there is little known about the narrative, and as ever, this is hardly important. Starring Ben Affleck, Javier Bardem, Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams, To The Wonder depicts an American man (Affleck) who after marrying a European woman (Kurylenko), returns to his hometown, where he begins to reconnect with a woman from his past (McAdams).

Malick with always inspire admiration and disdain in equal measure, and I’m sure To the Wonder will be no different: as a dedicated enthusiast of Malick’s filmic philosophy, I greatly look forward to his latest effort.


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