Safe Haven – trailer

As regularly as Nicholas Sparks churns out his own particular brand of ineffectual schmaltz, adaptations of his overly sentimental, entirely unrealistic portrayal of relationships are produced.

The latest effort, Safe Haven, is no different. Perhaps audiences find comfort in their utterly predictable, thoroughly escapist narratives, but as yet, no adaptation of Nicholas Sparks (or indeed Sparks himself) seem capable of producing anything remotely meaningful without resorting to a bombardment of clichés.

My main problem with these adaptations (aside from their lack of ethnic representation, their unenlightened portrayal of both men and women and their absolute removal from the real world), is those young girls, who in viewing films such as Safe Haven, believe that their relationships should too resemble a style so utterly incongruous with actual life. Needless to say, I will certainly be avoiding Safe Haven and any other future Nicholas Sparks adaptations.


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