The Dark Knight Rises – trailer

Being an ardent lover of Christopher Nolan films, rejoicing in their serious profundity, I was keen to view the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan’s final Batman offering.

Featuring a few choice scenes, linking the latest trailer with the previous teasers, the prospect of Nolan’s latest fills me with undeniable excitement.

As ever, Nolan’s film is sweepingly, epically shot; featuring an array of cityscapes and action sequences. After the previous bombastic efforts, the latest trailer chooses to introduce a moment of reflection, further indicating that the final film may feature Bruce’s demise.

Anne Hathaway, whose casting initially filled with me some degree of trepidation, looks set to excel: her Selina Kyle appears independent, strong and intelligent.

Nolan’s casts are always incredible, and with his latest effort he has truly excelled: featuring both the magnetic Tom Hardy and the excellent Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I truly cannot wait.


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