The Five-Year Engagement – Trailer

Director Nicholas Stoller’s past credits consist of the fairly well-received Forgetting Sarah Marshall and its spin-off Get Me to the Greek. His latest effort, The Five-Year Engagement, co-written with its star Jason Segal, tells of a couple, Tom (Segal) and Violet (Emily Blunt), who are repeatedly forced to delay planning their matrimonial proceedings.

Being a fan of Emily Blunt, anything she’s involved with always peaks my interest. The Five-Year Engagementlooks set to ride on the success enjoyed by Bridesmaids (indeed the film is, like Bridesmaids, produced byApatow Productions), employing the seemingly only recently discovered concept of woman’s ability to be funny.

Blunt’s Violet is given, in the trailer at least, just as many funny lines as Segal; she is portrayed as intelligent, witty and funny to those around her. Blunt is a fine actress and I look forward to her comedic coupling, perhaps in a few years times it won’t be so unusual to see a film in which the main couple are allowed an equal comedic footing.



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