The Inbetweeners Movie – Review

With the success enjoyed by the first three series, a big screen outing for The Inbetweeners was somewhat inevitable, further allowing its creators to capitalise on its current popularity.

Despite the certain popularity of the series, there can surely be little doubt that The Inbetweeners is at best an amusing diversion: funny enough, but arguably not really good enough to ever really compete with other, better-written series. The Inbetweeners’ appeal may well lie in its setting, familiar to its target audience and the youth of its characters, ensuring they maintain an element ofrelatability, regardless of the outlandish nature of the situations they become involved in.

Sustaining this relatable manner, The Inbetweeners Movie adopts a ‘lads holiday’ setting, allowing its predominantly youthful audience to perhaps relive their own individual escapades: much of the humour here lies in this assumption that its audience may have embarked upon a similar holiday, or will be doing so in the near future.

After finishing school, Jay, Will, Neil and Simon are prompted into booking a holiday to Malia after Simon is left devastated by the breakdown of his relationship with Carli (a continual object of his affection during the previous three series). What ensues is fairly standard ‘lads abroad’ fare, aided by the genuine, charmed performances from the four leads. Thus scenes of drunkenness, crude depictions and references to sex and some thoroughly disgusting moments of gross-out humour abound. 

The Inbetweeners Movie may not offer anything new, or display any real sense of inspiration, but it succeeds in creating a number of truly funny set-pieces, whilst further developing the already-present honest, caring relationship between the four. It is this sincere friendship, unexpectedly considerate, that helps the film to rise above the usual sub-standard fare. A welcome light-hearted teen comedy, which despite its target audience, is likely to appeal to many. Fans of the series will surely be sated.


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