We Need to Talk About Kevin – Trailer

Lynne Ramsay’s latest directorial effort tackles Lionel Shriver’s devastating epistolary 2003 novel. Shriver’s narrative details the after effects of a terrible crime and how the perpetrator’s parents subsequently deal with and work through these events.

Shriver’s novel, whilst undoubtedly melodramatic in places, was nevertheless a horrific, engaging read. It is with excitement then that I viewed the trailer for Ramsey’s film. Tilda Swinton appears to be perfectly cast as Eva, Kevin’s mother, who is forced to question her own maternal nature in her lack of connection with her son. The stark, sparse directorial approach, in its chosen sombre palette, seems to wonderfully capture the very bleak nature of the novel. Ezra Miller looks suitably disengaged and disconnected as the eponymous Kevin: Ramsey resists the urge lesser directors may have indulged in, downplaying Kevin’s psychotic side – despite the clear threat he poses, he remains unassuming.


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