I Don’t Know How She Does It – Trailer

For many, Sarah Jessica Parker’s role as Carrie in Sex and the City unveiled a new era of feminism, allowing women to both enjoy sex and reclaim their sexuality. For others, myself included, Sex and the City was simply symptomatic of a faux-feminism, in which these women, despite their assertions, were ultimately entirely conventional – desiring nothing more than a man to settle down with.

It is with interest then that I learned of Sarah Jessica Parker’s role in the romantic-comedy I Don’t Know How She Does It, depicting a high-powered career woman who struggles to balance her work with her role as a wife and a mother. Parker’s casting is notable for the very fact that it could almost be a continuation of her most famous incarnation.

Being no lover of rom-coms, I Don’t Know How She Does It strikes me as potentially being more irksome than most. The trailer shows the difficulty Parker’s character has in performing each role to the best of her ability, crying when she realises she has missed her son’s first haircut through being at work.

The trailer at least would appear to show that this balancing act between career and motherhood proves to be detrimental. Which then will the film’s narrative choose to siphon off in order for Parker to truly shine at one particular vocation? The cynic in me would suggest it’ll be her work life that will suffer, whilst in turn she excels as a mother.


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