Bel Ami – Trailer

Robert Pattinson, through the huge success enjoyed by the Twilight films, has surely for some become indelibly linked with his incarnation as Edward Cullen. Pattinson appears to be doing his best to shed his teen- friendly image, taking on a role in David Cronenberg’s next film and starring in the upcoming Bel Ami, based upon the 1885 Guy de Maupassant novel.

Maupassant’s novel details the social rise of Georges Duroy as he seduces his way through the upper echelons of society. Pattinson plays the enigmatic Duroy, with Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristen Scott Thomas starring as his numerous love interests.

Ever a sucker for a good period drama, especially when centred upon an amoral anti-hero, Bel Ami genuinely excites me. Pattinson, under the right director and away from the oppressive nature of the Twilight films could yet still prove himself as a fine actor. Certainly his performance in Water for Elephants showed him more than capable of holding his own against his more experienced co-stars.

As a lover of the perfectly crafted, similarly amoral Dangerous Liaisons, I am hopeful that Bel Ami  will prove itself to be as wonderfully realised and ruthless in its scenes of amoral depravity.


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