The Dark Knight Rises- Trailer

For some, myself included, the main draw for the latest Harry Potter film was the opportunity to see the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Previous teaser trailers for Christopher Nolan films have been hugely successful in building a real sense of anticipation, whilst maintaining plot secrecy.  Perhaps then, my expectations for The Dark Knight Rises teaser were altogether too high, as this first glimpse into the final film in the Nolan trilogy simply left me feeling deflated.

Much of the trailer was comprised of footage from the previous two films, feeling rather lazy and hastily put together. What little footage we did see from the latest film was, in true Nolan style, vague, revealing little of what we can expect. Whilst I have no doubt that The Dark Knight Rises will be another fine Nolan film, I only wish the first teaser trailer had been put together better.


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