Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol – trailer

After the rather lukewarm reception to Knight and Day, Tom Cruise returns to the franchise that has best served him. Here then, with a trailer than produces rather too much exposition and surely too much insight into the narrative of the film, Tom Cruise is back playing Ethan Hunt in his fourth foray into the Mission: Impossible series, titled this time, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Clunky title aside, is there truly anything else this franchise has to offer? Certainly the third effort was enjoyable, but the trailer doesn’t entirely convince. Mission: Impossible is often, for my tastes at least, an all-together too glossy affair, showcasing Cruise’s supposed appeal.

Notably Brad Bird, best known for his work with Pixar, is directing, certainly a marked change for TheIncredibles director.

For me, the most exciting actor cast here is surely the excellent Jeremy Renner, not being a fan of Cruise. Renner has more than proved himself in The Hurt Locker and The Town, and it is surely Renner’s role that, if anything, will make this film worth watching. As ever, only viewing the film in its entirety will enable it to prove its worth.


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