Focus on Film – Bright Star

The release of Jane’s Campion’s beautifully passive Bright Star was wonderfully apt: released at a time when the study for my English Degree began to focus upon the romantic poets, notably John Keats in particular.

Studying Keats enabled and imbued my viewing of this perfectly directed film. Whilst Campion’s film is entirely accessible, there can be little doubt that a greater understanding of the particulars of romanticism enriched both my viewing and understanding of Campion’s Keats narrative.

Campion’s direction ensures that, despite perhaps the difficulty of the poetry, Keats’ narrative feels both wonderfully immediate, urgent and beautifully evocative. Ben Whishaw’s Keats is, importantly, a living breathing, relatable creation.

Watch for the flawless cast, the stunning cinematography and for an all-together refreshing approach to portraying the creative act of writing. Campion feels no need to treat Keats with reverence, his poetry speaks for itself.


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