Five Favourite Female Film Characters

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Disney may not be the immediate choice for a forward-thinking female character, and Belle is by no means perfect, but in her pursuit for intellectual stimulation, harbouring a love of literature Belle is perhaps one of the more feminist Disney characters.

Sarah Connors (The TerminatorTerminator 2: Judgement Day)

Familiarising herself with weaponry and fighting skills, Sarah Connors’ reinvention from the first Terminator film is impressive. Sarah is the ultimate matriarchal character, determined to protect her son at all costs.

Charlotte (Lost in Translation)

Educated and intelligent, Charlotte struggles with both her identity and her place in the world.  Self-professing that she is ‘mean’, Charlotte is unashamedly judgemental, but never arrogant.

Ree Dolly (Winter’s Bone)

Ree, despite being faced with some fairly horrific challenges, is ever resolute, focussing on her self-imposed duties towards her siblings and her ill mother.

Ada McGrath (The Piano)

The mute Ada expresses herself through her musical talent, discovering her sexuality and stating her independence. Ada, through her narrative, is entirely compelling.

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