Julia’s Eyes – review

After Julia’s estranged twin sister Sara, suffering from the same degenerative eye disease that Julia herself is suffering from, hangs herself, Julia is convinced that there is more to her sister’s death than a simple suicide. She questions the events surrounding her sister’s death, despite numerous warnings from her husband Issacthat the stress of the situation could bring on an ‘attack’, in which her vision will gradually become more compromised. Issac reminds Julia that the last two attacks she experienced led to her losing 20% of her sight.

Director Guillem Morales’ film is a genuinely chilling affair, Julia’s degenerative eye disease taps into a very real fear: distrust of your own senses. As Julia’s sight becomes ever more compromised, she is forced to rely on other senses – her belief in a presence watching her is continually disputed by those around her, those who are possessed with better sight.

Morales’ makes wonderful use of light and dark: the film’s most chilling moments take place in near darkness where we, through Julia, are forced to rely on what we can hear, rather than what we can see.

Morales’ narrative is fairly tightly-paced, although the ending admittedly is slightly underwhelming, with the final set-piece being far too drawn out, losing much of the tension that Morales worked so hard to achieve.

Despite some minor flaws, Julia’s Eyes is a fine film, thoroughly entertaining, aided largely by a strong performance by Belén Rueda as Julia. Her Julia, despite her fears, remains ever resourceful, ever wilful, her conviction ensuring that she is forced to overcome her very real disability.



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