Hanna – trailer review

Director Joe Wright has experienced considerable success with his first two feature films. His version of Pride and Prejudice may have its purist detractors, but it was deservedly a success at the box office, with its star Keira Knightley receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance as Elizabeth Bennett. His adaptation of Atonement too was generally well-received, once again prompting an Oscar nomination for one of his actresses (in this case the wonderful Saoirse Ronan).

It is thus with some surprise that his latest project, unlike the rather mannered period dramas he has made his name directing, appears to be a high-octane thriller. Unfortunately, from the trailer at least, Hanna looks entirely underwhelming; its heavily stylized manner leaning towards an apparent heavy-handed style of direction. Saoirse Ronan, usually so good, looks and sounds quite bizarre, clearly struggling with the heavy accent she has been tasked with. The rest of the cast, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana and Tom Hollander fail to engage in the limited time the trailer allots them.

Whether Wright is capable of directing action sequences remains to be seen, but the trailer itself doesn’t appear to hold much promise. More so, a trailer which bills its score above its director suggests not much importance is placed on Wright himself.


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