Sleeping Beauty – trailer

At the time of writing, Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight-esque Red Riding Hood is in cinemas, whilst the cast for a new adaptation of Snow White has recently been announced. Julia Leigh’s decidedly unconventional Sleeping Beauty appears to be a welcome departure from the rather more traditional style of fairy tale fare that looks set to soon be churned out.

Featured on the 2008 Blacklist of best unproduced screen-plays, Julia Leigh’s self-penned directorial debut, selected for the main competition at Cannes this year, looks wonderfully promising.

Starring Emily Browning, the trailer for the so-called ‘independent erotic drama’ suggests a wonderfully atmospheric, beautifully shot film. As a fan of Angela Carter, any opportunity to view a feminist re-telling of a well-known fairy tale immediately appeals.

Whilst it is not yet apparent how, if indeed at all, Sleeping Beauty bears any similarity to the fairy tale, its endorsement by Jane Campion does certainly hint perhaps to an exploration of female identity or perhaps feminine sexual desire.


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