The Hangover part II – trailer review

The first instalment of The Hangover was, deservedly, a huge success: genuinely funny, its often gross-out humour was perfectly-pitched, as well as being ever-engaging.

The prospect of a sequel thus, quite rightly, filled me with both excitement and trepidation. Unfortunately, judging by the trailer it would appear that my trepidation had been well-placed. My concern that the sequel would rely too heavily on the same tried and tested set-pieces, using the same gags and the same stock characters looks set to be all too true.

Much like the first film, the cohort are involved in the preparations for a wedding: they wake up after a particularly wild night having no recollection of what took place, an exotic animal is found in the room in which they are staying (replacing the tiger of the first film with a monkey). Again, Stu wakes up to another facial disfigurement (rather than a missing tooth, he wakes with a facial tattoo), and then if it wasn’t already a carbon-copy, the sequel also features the inimitable Mr Chow.

One could be forgiven for believing that the creators of The Hangover Part II, simply created a check-list to ensure that they replicated as much of the first film as possible, whilst still attempting to create an original script.

There may still be hope for a worthy sequel to the wonderful first film, but I’m not holding out much hope. The trailer for The Hangover Part II simply left me disappointed.


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