The Three Musketeers trailer review

Fans of the novel may have trouble recognising any semblance to the Alexandre Dumas text when watching the teaser trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson’s directorial effort. Anderson, best known for his work on the Resident Evil series, appears to attempt to bring a similar sensibility to the classic novel through casting Milla Jovovich as Milady De Winter, surely using the connotations of casting Jovovich to imbue the portrayal of Milady. The trailer depicts Milady as engaging in physical altercations, in stark contrast to her literary inception.

Presumably Orlando Bloom was cast primarily for his ability to grow a suitable moustache; there can surely be no other reasoning behind the choice of the ever bland, always wooden Bloom. Bloom must be one of the luckiest actors around, consistently cast in successful films despite his all-too-apparent lack of acting ability.

Whilst having no issue with film adaptations straying from the text, never singling out fidelity to the text as a criticism, The Three Musketeers, at least from the teaser trailer, simply looks to be a poorly thought-out film. Dumas’ novel, with its subtle and complex intrigue is an exciting text, and being a fan myself, I would gladly welcome an adaptation that stayed true to the central conceit of the novel. Not because I believe a film adaptation should stay faithful to a text, but, enjoying the novel so much, I would have hugely anticipated the opportunity to see it adapted. The teaser trailer has simply left me feeling disappointed; I can only hope that the end result is far better than the initial trailer indicates.


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