Bad Teacher Trailer Review

Following on from the trailer for Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake appears to be another female-led, bawdy comedy.
The trailer looks promising: Diaz is always watchable, especially in comedies. Bad Teacher gives the viewer the opportunity to watch Diaz clearly revelling in the chance to play a role so foul-mouthed.

Cynics may note that Diaz is playing a role who, in her desperation to win a man over, goes to increasingly humiliating lengths to do so. The trailer highlights Diaz considering breast enlargement surgery in order to increase her attractiveness, specifically for Timberlake’s character, who appears to prefer women with larger breasts. It can only be hoped that Diaz’s character doesn’t enact upon this belief, or that her belief is shown to be false.

Regardless, as with Bridesmaids, which too has its faults in its predominantly female-based setting, it is encouraging to see women being awarded genuinely comedic roles. Perhaps if films such as these are successful then women may finally be able to branch out into less stereotypical comedic roles.


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