Bridesmaids Trailer Review

Bridesmaids, the latest Judd Apatow produced film, is that unthinkable thing: a female led comedy, played for, what appears to be, gross-out laughs.

Co-writer Kristen Wiig, perhaps best known for her current work on Saturday Night Live,  plays Annie, who, selected for the role of the Maid of Honour for her friend Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) upcoming nuptials is thus forced to deal with the colourful bridesmaids Lillian has selected; presumably, hilarious mid-haps ensue.

Cynics may note that the film’s wedding-based setting is still, almost inherently, feminine, but arguably this choice of a predominantly female setting is actually a refreshing choice. Rather than presenting these women in a typically masculine environment, as the tendency may have been in an attempt to subvert stereotypes, the film’s central concept takes place in an unashamedly female environment.

Regardless of whether or not Bridesmaids will be any good in reality, it is still highly commendable for what it is trying to do, and the roles it enables female actresses to play.


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