Four Favourite Directors Part Four – Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Nolan is notable for his ability to not only treat his audience as intellectuals, but for his ability to combine the cerebral with the Blockbuster. Nolan’s films are both hugely financially and critically successful. His latest effort Inception was that rare thing, a highly intelligent action film.

Nolan too, helped reinvent the Batman series, incredibly making Bruce Wayne an entirely feasible character. Nolan’s re-boot has led to a number of other comic book films using a similar format in an attempt to breathe new life in hitherto staid films.

Nolan’s work repeatedly returns to the idea of obsession, revenge and regret: his protagonists are highly flawed beings, who are all too aware of their flaws. Making no apologies for the serious manner in which he treats his subject matter, his films may sometimes be at fault of too much gravitas, yet such is Nolan’s perfect execution that such criticisms can easily be forgiven.

Nolan is impressive in the sheer ambition of his work, and if nothing else, it is for his ambition and the scope of his work alone that he deserves to be remembered.

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