Four Favourite Directors Part One – Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola’s almost passive style of direction certainly has its detractors. Her critics’ frequent complaints highlight a lack of plot, poor pacing and a high level of self-indulgence on Coppola’s part. Certainly her films are slow-burning, with Lost in Translation in particular initially appearing to lack any sense of a discernible plot. What must be understood in order to enjoy Coppola’s efforts is that these criticisms are not failures on her part, but rather a failure to live up to the self-imposed expectations of its audience.

Coppola’s films are not only wonderful to watch, but thoroughly engaging and entirely rewarding. Coppola makes no attempt to create a film with a driven narrative, thus making any criticism of her plotting and pacing ultimately redundant: Coppola creates wonderful character studies, depicting characters whodevelop naturally during the film’s duration. Criticisms are also levelled at the societal class of her characters: again Coppola has not set out to depict anything but that which her films portray.


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