My Oscar Favourites – 2011

Despite the inexplicable snubs for Christopher Nolan as Best Director and Ryan Gosling’s omission from the Best Actor Category for Blue Valentine, the Oscar Nominations are still fairly strong this year, here are my favourites:

Best Film – Black Swan 

It may not necessarily be the greatest film in this category and it certainly has its flaws, but DarrenAronofsky’s film is certainly the bravest: its depiction of a woman’s descent into insanity is not only engaging but wonderful to look at. Whilst the award is almost certainly going to The King’s Speech, it would be nice to see Black Swan win.

Best Director – David Fincher

His direction of The Social Network ensured a tense, entirely watchable film about a less than sympathetic protagonist. Fincher retains his trademark atmospheric, tight direction: perfectly suited for Aaron Sorkin’s succinctly written script.

Best Actress – Natalie Portman

Portman’s performance in Black Swan highlights not only the lack of psychologically complex roles for women, but reinforces just how good an actress she can be. Depicting both innocence and insanity, her performance as Nina Sayers is a truly wonderful depiction of a mentally unbalanced woman.

Best Actor- Jesse Einsenberg

Whilst Colin Firth is the favourite to win, Jesse Einsenberg’s performance is arguably both far more subtle and multifaceted than Firth’s often grandiose performance. Eisenberg ensures that despite Zuckerberg’segotism, the audience is able to find empathy with him: his character and his performance are too interesting to simply disregard.


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